Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Good morning from the land down under!

This week was really cool and cold! In Australia it's about Winter now.. it's make me think about Christmas but in the middle of the year LOL We just have a temple preparation day this morning. It such a great experience there at the temple. I did the baptism for my grand parents last month and today I did endowment for my grandfather (father's side) and next time gonna be my grandfather (mother's side) I'm so happy now and I can say I'm not just only member of the church in my family! LOL I GOT THEM ALL!!! Now what's next? Oh! I got a lot of Thai people in my list now LOL and they're feed me like crazy (not that much but it means a lot for me) I'm so glad that I have a chance to serving them even if they're not interested to learn more about the gospel but I hope that one day the seeds that I planted will growing in their hearts :) And Tha da! I been out for 10 months now! Hoooooorayyyyyyyy!! Just only 1 year left :) It's sad to talking about this but It's good to go back to Thailand and help the work there. I can't wait to bring the knowledge that I've learn here back to Thailand and help the Church there :)

I miss you all and always pray for you! Keep up the good works and think of me sometimes LOL

Elder Sribunruang :)

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