Thursday, June 2, 2016

สวัสดีครับ! Sawasdee Krab! Helloooooo!!!

Good morning every body!

This week gone too fast! and guess what? I'm getting transfer to Gosford!!! (which is in the central coast of Australia!) just think about beaches all the way long and winter! not that good combinations but I will try to love it!! My mission life going into the middle now :) I got one year left and I going to be home in 15th of June 2017! (due to Visa expire before the "real" date) but I know I'm gonna love my mission more and more and more... Anyway, here are some cool cooler and cold pictures from this pass week :) I hope you enjoy my journey and if you feel that I need some medicine or sweater or candy or game or heater for this winter please feel free to send me :) I know it's a little bit weird to ask for winter gears in the middle of the year but AUSTRALIA IS REALLY COLD RIGHT NOW!!!! LOL I love you and I know the church is true! Keep up the good work and pray always!

With sincere Love,
Elder Sribunruang

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